“Intresting and Surprising Panel Formation of Punjab.”

“Intresting and Surprising Panel Formation of Punjab.”

Punjab Assembly Maiden Session Highlights:

  • Oath-Taking Delay: The session commenced with a delay of over two hours, with all 313 newly elected members taking oath.
  • Speaker Panel Formation: A four-member panel of chairpersons was announced by the Speaker for session proceedings.
  • Speaker and Deputy Speaker Elections: Scheduled for February 24, with nominations accepted until 5pm on the same day. Secret balloting to be conducted, with two polling booths set up.
  • Party Presence: PML-N and allied parties filled treasury benches, while PTI-backed independent candidates were also present.
  • Maryam Nawaz’s Presence: Maryam Nawaz Sharif, nominee for Punjab Chief Minister, attended the session amid slogans in her favor.

Security Measures:

  • Police Deployment: Heavy police presence and strict security arrangements around the Punjab Assembly.
  • Security Alert: The entire province, including the assembly, is on high alert.

Assembly Statistics:

  • Composition: 371 seats, including 297 general seats, 66 reserved for women, and 8 for minorities.
  • Reserved Seats Allocation: PML-N secured 36 reserved seats for women, while PPP got 3. PML-N also gained 5 minority seats.

Election Commission’s Allocation:

  • Reserved Seats Notification: Partial notification issued for reserved seats; notifications pending for some seats.

Election Results Overview:

  • Vote Count: Completed on 297 provincial seats, with 73.2 million registered voters.
  • Party Performance: PTI won 184 seats in the 2018 elections, leading to Usman Buzdar’s appointment as Chief Minister of Punjab.


The delayed start of the Punjab Assembly’s maiden session, along with the presence of key political figures like Maryam Nawaz, highlights the significance of this political event. Security measures underscore the importance of ensuring a smooth transition of power and governance. The upcoming elections for speaker and deputy speaker will further shape the political landscape in Punjab.

In this political condition where does PTI stand?

In this political scenario, PTI stands as a significant player, likely vying for influence and power within the Punjab Assembly, potentially shaping alliances and agendas to advance its political goals.


The Punjab Assembly’s inaugural session saw oath-taking by all 313 members, with subsequent announcements regarding speaker and deputy speaker elections. Maryam Nawaz’s presence added to the political fervor, while heavy security measures ensured the assembly’s safety. The allocation of reserved seats and election results provide insights into the province’s political dynamics.


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