9th Class English – 23 Amazing and Interesting Stories

9th Class English – 23 Amazing and Interesting Stories

1. An Old Man and His Sons

Once upon a time, there was an old man with three sons. These brothers were always fighting, making the old man very sad. He tried to tell them to get along, but they didn’t listen. So, the old man decided to teach them a lesson cleverly.

One day, he gave his sons a bunch of sticks tied together. He told them to try and break the bundle. The brothers tried hard, but no one could do it. The bundle stayed strong. Then, the old man untied the sticks and gave each son one stick. This time, they could break the sticks easily.

The old man smiled and explained the lesson. He said that when the sticks were tied together, they were strong and unbreakable. But when they were separated, they became weak and could be easily broken. He wanted his sons to be like the sticks – strong when they stayed together.

The story’s moral is simple but important: “Union is strength.” It means that when people are united and work together, they become powerful and can overcome challenges. The brothers understood this lesson, and from that day forward, they decided to stick together and live in harmony.


  • Union is strength
  • Be united
  • United you stand, divided you fall

2. Kindness of The Rasool ﷺ

Once upon a time, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was traveling with his friends, the companions. As they journeyed, one companion spotted a nest of sparrows. These little birds were happily chirping away. Curiously, the man decided to take the baby sparrows out of their nest.

All of a sudden, the adult sparrows started making sad sounds, almost like they were crying. The Prophet ﷺ noticed this and asked the man why the sparrows were upset. The man explained that he had taken the baby sparrows from the nest.

Understanding the feelings of the sparrows, the Prophet ﷺ kindly advised the man to put the baby birds back where they belonged – in their nest. Following the Prophet’s advice, the man carefully returned the baby sparrows to their cozy home.

Surprisingly, once the chicks were back in the nest, the adult sparrows stopped crying. They seemed happy again. The Prophet ﷺ used this simple act to teach everyone around that even the smallest creatures have feelings, and we should be considerate and kind to them.

So, the lesson from this story is about showing kindness to all living beings, no matter how small, and understanding that our actions can affect even the tiniest creatures around us.


  • The Rasool ﷺ was the benefactor of all the worlds
  • God is kind to him who is kind to others

3. Robbers turn Good Citizens

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani, may God be pleased with him, once went on a journey with a group of travelers. Before he left, his mother gave him a piece of advice: always speak the truth. Little did he know that this advice would change someone’s life.

During their journey, a bunch of robbers attacked the caravan and took everything from everyone. When a robber approached Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani and asked if he had anything. He honestly admitted to having some coins stitched in his shirt. The robber then brought him to their leader.

Surprisingly, the leader questioned why he hadn’t lied about having money. Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani explained that his mother had told him always to speak the truth. This simple truth had a big impact on the robber leader. He felt regret for his actions, repented, and decided to change his ways.

The former robber leader not only returned everything they stole from the caravan but also advised his gang to live an honest life. This shows how a small act of honesty and a wise mother’s advice can bring about positive change, even in the most unexpected places.


  • Always speak the truth
  • Never tell a lie
  • Selfie remorse is a lighthouse to the right path
  • Good, sometimes, comes out of Evil

4. The Donkey is Trapped in His Trick

A villager had a donkey. One day he loaded his donkey with salt and took his way to the town. On his way, there was a stream. The donkey, when crossing the stream, fell. A good deal of salt was washed away and the donkey felt light. The donkey took it to be a good trick. The next day the man again loaded it with salt. The donkey purposely sat down and got light. The master came to know his trick. He decided to teach the donkey a lesson. On the third day, he loaded the donkey with a bale of cotton. It tried the same trick. When it got up, it could not walk under the heavy load of soaked cotton. The donkey was punished for his bad intentions.


  • Experience is the best teacher
  • Do not play foul game

5. A Foolish Stag

Once upon a time, a majestic stag quenched his thirst by a clear pond. As he gazed into the crystal waters, he caught sight of his reflection. His eyes were drawn to his splendid antlers, and he couldn’t help but admire their beauty. However, a tinge of dissatisfaction clouded his thoughts as he observed his thin and lean legs, which failed to meet his expectations.

In his contemplation, a looming danger approached – a pack of hounds steadily closing in on him. Swiftly realizing the impending threat, the stag sprinted away with all the speed his legs could muster, seeking refuge in the shelter of a nearby forest.

Alas, the twist of fate took a cruel turn. In his frantic escape, the stag’s magnificent antlers became entangled in the thorny embrace of a bush. Despite his desperate attempts to break free, the stag found himself ensnared and helpless.

As the hounds closed in, their ferocity unleashed, and the once-proud stag met a tragic end. The lesson embedded in this tale serves as a stark reminder that external beauty, admired by the stag in the reflection, cannot ensure salvation when faced with imminent danger. It underscores the importance of wisdom and practicality over mere appearances, a timeless lesson that resonates through the ages.


  • All that glitters is not gold
  • Appearances are often deceptive
  • Pride hath a fall

6. Three Friends and a Bag of Gold

Three friends embarked on a journey and encountered a jungle along the way. To their astonishment, they stumbled upon a bag filled with gleaming gold. Determined to share the fortune equally, they faced a moment of testing when hunger struck.

In an attempt to satisfy their hunger, one of the friends volunteered to fetch food from the nearby town. However, the sinister twist began to unfold. Unbeknownst to the others, the man sent for food harbored selfish intentions. He desired to claim the entire gold stash for himself and, with devious intent, poisoned the food he brought back.

Upon his return, the two friends, oblivious to the poisoned food, succumbed to greed. They turned on the messenger, killing him in a bid to secure a larger share of the gold. Little did they know that their ill-fated decision sealed their doom.

Consuming the poisoned food, the two friends met a tragic end on the very spot where they sought to enrich themselves. In the end, the coveted gold became a meaningless possession, serving as a poignant reminder that greed and betrayal lead only to self-destruction.


  • As you sow, so shall you reap
  • Greed is a curse.
  • Do not be greedy
  • Tit for tat
  • Evil recoils on the head of the Evil doer
  • He who digs a pit for others, himself falls into it.

7. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

In a quaint village, two companions made a joint decision to seek employment in the bustling city. Setting out on their journey, they found themselves passing through a dense forest. Weary, they decided to rest beneath the shade of a tree.

To their sudden dismay, a bear emerged from behind a bush, instilling fear in their hearts. Swiftly assessing the situation, one of the friends, skilled in climbing, ascended the tree for safety. The other, however, lacked this skill and found himself in a dilemma.

Recalling a piece of advice that suggested bears do not harm the dead, the friend on the ground devised a risky plan. He lay flat on the ground, suppressing his breath, pretending to be lifeless. The bear approached, sniffed around, and, convinced of the apparent lifelessness, departed without causing harm.

Once the bear was safely away, the friend in the tree descended and inquired about the bear’s actions. In a clever response, the companion on the ground humorously claimed that the bear had whispered a valuable lesson in his ear – a lesson to beware of selfish friends. The incident became not just a tale of survival but also a reminder of the importance of trust and unselfish companionship.


  • Beware of fair-weather friends
  • Do not trust a selfish friend
  • A friend in need is a friend indeed

8. Haste makes Waste

A devoted hunter had a faithful dog that cherished his only son deeply. One day, in his haste to go hunting, the hunter inadvertently left his sleeping son and the loyal dog behind. Eventually realizing his oversight, he returned home to discover the dog with bloodstains.

Assuming the worst, the hunter concluded that the dog had harmed his son and, in a moment of distress, fatally shot the loyal companion. To his astonishment, upon entering the house, he found his son unharmed. The son revealed that the dog had valiantly fought off a wolf attempting to harm him. The hunter gripped with sorrow, regretted his hasty actions, realizing that the faithful dog had saved his son’s life.


  • It is no use crying over spilled milk
  • Haste makes waste
  • Look before you leap

9. A Big Reward

Once, a famished wolf captured a deer but encountered a predicament when attempting to devour a sizable chunk of flesh hastily. In the process, a bone became lodged in his throat, causing him considerable pain. Seeking a solution, he approached a crane for assistance, promising both a reward and assurance of safety.

The compassionate crane agreed to help, inserting its long beak into the wolf’s throat and successfully extracting the troublesome bone. Grateful for the relief, the wolf was approached by the crane for the promised reward. However, the wolf cunningly retorted that he hadn’t bitten off the crane’s head when it was within his reach, considering that to be a substantial reward in itself. This tale serves as a cautionary lesson about the complexities of trusting those who may not reciprocate goodwill.


  • Might is right
  • A drowning man catches at a straw
  • A fair face may hide a foul heart
  • A light purse is a heavy curse
  • A poor man’s voice is never heard by the rich

10. The Tailor and The Elephant

In a bustling bazaar, a tailor operated a shop. As part of a daily routine, an elephant would pass by the shop, and the tailor, in a friendly gesture, would offer the elephant a bun each day. However, one day, the tailor decided to play a mischievous prank. When the elephant approached for its usual bun, the tailor deceitfully pricked a needle into its trunk, causing the elephant to react with anger.

Despite the provocation, the elephant chose not to retaliate immediately and walked away. However, upon returning, the elephant devised a form of retribution. Filling its trunk with muddy water, it revisited the tailor’s shop. Plunging its trunk into the water, the elephant skillfully squirted the muddy water, unintentionally splattering and ruining all the dresses hanging in the tailor’s shop.

Realizing the consequence of his mischief, the tailor felt remorseful for his thoughtless actions and the subsequent damage caused to his shop. This tale serves as a lesson about the repercussions of playing pranks and seeking revenge, emphasizing the importance of treating others with kindness and avoiding harmful behavior.


  • It is useless to cry over spilled milk
  • Look before you leap and think before you speak
  • Do not hurt others
  • As you sow, so shall you reap

11. The Clever Cat and the Vain Fox

Once in a forest, a cat encountered a fox who extended an invitation for a conversation. Cautioning the fox about the potential dangers of their surroundings, the cat shared her concerns about hunters. However, the fox, brimming with confidence, boasted about her repertoire of tricks to outsmart hunters and dismissed the cat’s warning.

Curious about the cat’s abilities, the fox inquired about the number of tricks she knew. To the fox’s surprise, the cat humbly admitted to possessing only one skill – the ability to climb a tree when danger lurked. The fox, looking down upon the cat, seemed unimpressed.

In a sudden turn of events, a hunter approached with a pack of hounds. Reacting swiftly, the cat scaled the nearest tree, saving her life from the impending danger. On the contrary, the fox, relying on her supposed tricks, attempted to flee. Unfortunately, the hounds proved faster, overtaking the fox and tragically tearing him to pieces.

This tale serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes simplicity and practicality triumph over excessive self-confidence and bravado.


  • Vanity is self-deception
  • Pride Hath a fall
  • Do not boast of your riches

12. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

In a village, there resided a shepherd whose daily task involved grazing his sheep in a nearby jungle. One day, mischief sparked in his mind, and he decided to play a prank. Shouting at the top of his voice, he cried, “Wolf! Wolf!” The concerned villagers, upon hearing his distress calls, swiftly rushed to his aid with sticks in hand. However, they arrived to find the shepherd standing there, laughing at his deceit. Displeased, the villagers returned, feeling betrayed by the false alarm.

The shepherd repeated this prank on another occasion, and once again, the villagers responded, only to discover the shepherd’s laughter. This time, their trust waned, and they decided not to be fooled again. Days passed, and a real wolf eventually appeared. When the shepherd cried out for help, no one came to his aid. The wolf, seizing the opportunity, attacked the shepherd and some of the helpless sheep, highlighting the consequences of his earlier deceit and the importance of honesty in gaining trust.


  • Once a liar, always a liar.
  • Never tell a lie.

13. The Jester and The king

Once, in the royal court, a king had a jester whom he greatly admired for his wit. The jester, emboldened by the king’s favor, went so far as to mock not only the courtiers and ministers but even the king himself.

On a particular day, while the king was engrossed in important state matters, the jester dared to make fun of the monarch. Enraged, the king, in a fit of anger, condemned the jester to death. Despite the jester’s pleas for mercy, the king remained unforgiving. It was then that the king, giving the jester a chance to decide his fate, asked him to choose the manner of his death.

Displaying shrewdness, the jester cleverly seized this opportunity and, with respect, requested the king to permit him to die peacefully in old age. Surprisingly, the king, pleased with the jester’s wit, granted his request and forgave him. This tale highlights the cleverness of the jester in turning a dire situation into a moment of grace through his quick thinking.


  • Cut your coat according to your cloth
  • Never jump over your limits.
  • Never overreach yourself.
  • Live within yourself.

14. The Dog and His Shadow

Once upon a time, a hungry dog swiped a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. Eager to enjoy his loot in peace, he reached a bridge over a stream. Standing there, he glanced into the clear water and, to his surprise, thought he saw another dog with a delicious piece of meat.

Excited about this unexpected find, the dog opened his mouth to bark and claim the imaginary treasure. However, in his excitement, he accidentally dropped his piece of meat, and it splashed into the flowing stream below. The poor dog’s plan to snatch a second piece ended up causing him to lose his meal. The story teaches us about the consequences of being too greedy and acting without thinking.


  • Greed is a curse
  • All covet, all lose.
  • Do not be greedy
  • Something is better than nothing
  • A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

15. Fox and The Grapes

Once upon a time, a famished fox roamed the land in a relentless quest for food. His journey led him to a bountiful vineyard where clusters of ripe grapes hung tantalizingly out of reach. Undeterred by the height, the determined fox leaped towards the grapes, attempting to snag a delicious morsel. However, despite his best efforts, the grapes remained elusive.

Undaunted, the fox persisted in his attempts, leaping repeatedly in a desperate bid to satiate his hunger. Yet, to his dismay, success eluded him. Frustrated and resigned, he finally abandoned his pursuit, begrudgingly declaring, “The grapes must be sour anyway.” This tale serves as a reminder of how sometimes when faced with unattainable goals, it’s easier to dismiss them rather than admit defeat.


  • People have an excuse to dislike what they cannot get.
  • Grapes are sour.

16. A Merchant and A Boy

Once there was a Merchant. He was a rich man. He earned a large sum of money by selling his goods. One day he had to go a long way. He was on a business tour. He had a large amount with him. It was getting dark. A nail fell from his horse’s shoe. He did not care for that and reached the city. He did his business. When he was to get back, the inn boy warned him of the robbers in the forest on his way. He did not take any notice and hurried away. The nail ran into his horse’s hoof. It became lame. Meanwhile, robbers appeared, killed him, and made away with money.


  • Give weight to the words, not to the speaker.
  • Words spoken are more important than the speaker.
  • Nip the evil in the bud.

17. A Tiger and The Greedy Man

Once, a tiger had killed a woman who was wearing a gold bangle. The tiger kept the bangle with him as a possession. One day, a man arrived at the scene and stood on the bank of a stream. The tiger appeared when the man was preparing to cross the stream. Feeling frightened, the man was surprised when the tiger assured him that it had turned pious and started praying. The tiger urged the man not to fear it and even offered the gold bangle as a gift.

Driven by greed, the man was enticed by the sight of the bangle. He approached the tiger, eager to receive the supposed gift. However, instead of a gift, the tiger attacked the man, tearing him into pieces. This story serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of greed and the importance of being cautious, even when presented with tempting offers.


  • No vice-like avarice.
  • Greed is a curse.
  • Do not be greedy.

18. A Flock of Pigeons and Net

Once, a group of pigeons was flying over vast green fields. Spotting plenty of food grain below, some pigeons suggested to their leader that they should land and feast on the abundance. The leader, however, cautioned them about the danger of a hunter’s net in the area.

Despite the leader’s warning, the pigeons insisted on landing, presenting various arguments. Reluctantly, the leader agreed to their proposal. As soon as they landed, they found themselves ensnared in the hunter’s net. Realizing their predicament, the pigeons pleaded with their leader for help.

The leader, while acknowledging their disobedience, remained wise and suggested a way out. He instructed the pigeons to exert themselves together, lift the net, and fly away with it. Following the leader’s guidance, the pigeons worked collectively, successfully lifting the net and freeing themselves from danger. This story imparts a lesson about the importance of heeding wise advice and working together in times of trouble.


  • Union is strength
  • United you stand, divided you fall
  • Be united.

19. The Trick of a Jackal

Once, a kind-hearted man was walking through a forest when he discovered a tiger caught in a trap. The tiger pleaded for help, and the man, feeling compassion, released the tiger from its predicament. However, as soon as the tiger was free, it growled and knocked the man down, displaying ingratitude.

Feeling upset about the tiger’s ungrateful behavior, the man decided to seek a resolution. They approached a wise pipal tree for judgment, and it sided with the tiger. Encouraged, they then sought the opinion of a knowledgeable bullock, which also supported the pipal tree’s decision.

Finally, they consulted a jackal for the ultimate judgment. The jackal, seemingly surprised, pointed out that a large beast like the tiger should not have been trapped in such a small cage. To demonstrate his point, the tiger jumped into the cage, and the quick-thinking jackal promptly closed the door, trapping the tiger inside.

Grateful for the jackal’s assistance, the man thanked him and continued on his way. This story teaches us about the consequences of ingratitude and how sometimes, swift thinking can lead to a fair resolution.


  • He who digs a pit for others himself falls into it.
  • A fair face may hide a foul heart
  • Beware of a wolf in lamb’s clothing.
  • An enemy never becomes a friend
  • A fool can be deceived again and again.

20. A Farmer and His Lazy Sons

Once, there was a farmer with four lazy sons. Despite the farmer’s advice to work, the sons paid no attention. Unfortunately, the farmer fell seriously ill. On his deathbed, he shared the secret of a hidden treasure in the fields with his sons. However, before revealing the exact location, he passed away.

Left with the knowledge of the treasure but no specific instructions, the sons were puzzled. They did nothing, and as a result, they began to suffer from hunger. Eventually, the memory of the treasure resurfaced, prompting them to dig in the fields. Although they found no treasure, the act of digging enriched the soil. Realizing the value of hard work, the sons decided to sow the land.

To their surprise, a bumper crop flourished in the enriched soil, bringing them prosperity. Through this experience, the lazy sons learned the wisdom their father tried to impart – hard work pays off. They transformed into diligent farmers, and their efforts made them rich. This story teaches the importance of perseverance and the rewards that come from putting in sincere effort.


  • Self Done, well done.
  • Want is the mother of industry.
  • Belly teaches all arts.

21. A Cricket and an Ant


  • No work, no food.
  • No pain, no gain.
  • Do not depend upon others.
  • Save something for the rainy days.

22. A Rich Man and His Servant

Once, there was an affluent man who lived in a city. He had a companion in another city, and there was a timberland between the two places. One day, A companion welcomed him and his family for supper. Energized approximately the welcome, the wealthy man, together with his family and hireling, set out in a four-horse carriage for the travel.

As they passed through the timberland, they experienced hungry wolves that assaulted them. Filled with fear, the wealthy man had a speedy thought to discharge two steeds one by one to divert the wolves and grant them a chance to elude. Be that as it may, the wolves continued, and it got to be a tense circumstance.

The courageous and loyal worker, not needing any hurt to come to his ace and his family, took things into his possess hands. Drawing his sword, he bounced down from the carriage and battled off the wolves, guaranteeing the security of the wealthy man and his family. With the wolves driven absent, the worker caught up with them, and they proceeded their journey unharmed. This story instructs us about bravery and dependability in the confront of misfortune. 


  • A desperate man, all things can.
  • Fortune favors the brave.

23. A Lion and a Hare

Once upon a time, there was a furious lion causing fear among all the creatures. Stressed about their security, the creatures assembled for a meeting to discover a way to ensure themselves. They brainstormed numerous thoughts, but none appeared viable. At last, an intelligent rabbit recommended an arrangement to outflank the lion.

Knowing that the lion held an everyday evening assembly and that latecomers got to be his casualties, the rabbit chose to utilize this to their advantage. One day, the rabbit intentionally arrived late at the lion’s sanctum. The lion, incensed, requested a clarification. The rabbit, with a fast mind, manufactured a story approximately another lion who had halted him, claiming to be the modern ruler of the woodland.

Ranked by the news, the lion requested to be taken to this mountebank lion. The rabbit drove the lion to a well, where the lion saw his reflection. Confusing it as the gathered equal lion, he jumped into the well and suffocated. The creatures were diminished, and the intelligent rabbit had effectively spared them from the fear of the lion. This story educates the lesson that now and then can be mightier than quality.


  • Two of a trade seldom agree.
  • Intelligence overrules strength.

In conclusion:

The exploration of 9th-grade English stories has been a journey into the diverse realms of literature. From timeless classics to contemporary narratives, these stories have enriched our understanding of language and provided valuable insights into the human experience. The characters, themes, and intricate plotlines have sparked discussions, fostered critical thinking, and encouraged a deeper appreciation for storytelling.

As we conclude this literary voyage, it is evident that stories are powerful vehicles for conveying emotions, values, and universal truths. The narratives we’ve encountered have opened windows into different cultures, perspectives, and historical periods, broadening our literary horizons.

Moving forward, let us carry the lessons learned from these stories into our narratives. May the characters’ resilience, the themes’ relevance, and the storytelling’s artistry inspire us to engage more deeply with literature, fostering a lifelong love for reading and an appreciation for the profound impact of stories on our lives.